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Made with choux pastry, these little French Sugar Puffs are topped with a coating of pearl sugar when baked - they're sweet, crispy and delicious!

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1. Water, milk, butter, sugar and salt heated until the butter melts and sugar has dissolved. Then the mixture is heated until boiling.

2. Flour is sifted into the mixture, mixed in and heated until it forms a ball.

3. After cooling, a thin stream of whisked eggs is added whilst beating the dough.

4. The doughs beaten.

5. The perfect consistency is a thick, smooth and shiny dough of pipeable consistency.

It hangs off a beater in a V. Perfection!

6. Pipe choux batter in rounds on a baking tray and sprinkle generously with pearl sugar. Bake for 25-30 minutes- do not open the door!

Check out the recipe for more ideas on how to fill the choux buns.