Rhubarb Brioche Rolls with Crème Fraîche Glaze

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Rhubarb Jam filled brioche rolls. Soft, pillowy brioche dough filled with a sweet yet tangy homemade rhubarb jam topped with creme fraiche glaze.

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1. Add yeast to bowl of warm milk with sugar and let bloom for 15 minutes. Then add to a mixer with flour, salt and eggs and mix. Add butter in, tablespoon at a time, whilst mixing continuously until a dough forms.

2. Beat dough in mixer until smooth, glossy, stretchy and starts to form a ball around the dough hook and pull away from the edges.

3. Need on a work surface by hand and stretch corners and fold into the centre.

4. Let rise in a well oiled bowl for one hour or until doubled in size.

5. Punch down dough and roll out to a large rectangle. Smooth rhubarb jam over the dough. Roll up from the long edge.

6. Cut roll into 12 scrolls and place in baking tray. Cover and rise for one hour.

7. Bake scrolls until risen and golden. Mix together creme fraiche  frosting and spoon over the scrolls.